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Bulkley Trucking Honors Its Top Driver of the Year with a Brand New Ford F150

April 29, 2014

Bulkley Trucking based in Brashear, TX announced the recipients of their top driver award in it's annual performance and fuel bonus rewards program.

Team drivers, Richard Archer & Robbie Edgett, of Paris, TX were awarded a brand new Ford F-150 in addition to the $12,000 in quarterly cash bonuses they received during 2013. Their fuel consumption was nearly 8.1 mpg for the year.

The new F-150 from Texas Country Ford in Winnsboro, TX was presented at Bulkley's terminal in Brashear at a driver appreciation lunch and award ceremony Monday April 29.

Bulkley Trucking realizes that the driving force behind its success is the loyalty and hard work of its drivers. Becoming one of the top fuel-efficient refrigerated carriers

in the country is no small feat.

"We are very excited. We worked very hard for this. I drove days and Robbie drove nights," Archer said, "and actually she is probably the better driver for fuel mileage."

Ms. Edgett reiterated their determination to be Bulkley's top drivers, "We have been trying from the get go when we heard about the fuel bonuses during orientation in July 2012. It's been a constant goal for us."

"The secret is to slowdown and keep the doors shut, " Archer explained. "Every time you stop and then have to get back up to speed it's like pouring a gallon of fuel out on the ground."

This is the second year of the bonus program and the second F-150 Bulkley has awarded a driver.

Bulkley Trucking is an over-the-road trucking company specializing in time and temperature sensitive freight. Bulkley employs the latest technology in it's over-the-road fleet to pursue fuel efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint. Equipped with late model Volvo Trucks with iShift AT technology and trailers with fuel efficient accessories, Bulkley Trucking enables good drivers to succeed from day one, resulting in a fleet average of 7.4 mpg since the program began.

Clint Bulkley, founder and president, said, "Our company's success depends on our drivers doing the hard work, driving up and down the road every day. Profit comes from developing efficiency on the road. Our state-of-the-art equipment and our drivers trained to take advantage of that efficiency are the keys to our company's success."



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